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Magda : Minimal techno Is mainstream
Submitted by: Shejay
Since her move to Berlin in the early naughties Magda has become one of the world's biggest techno DJs riding the crest of the boom in underground music.

The Minus star takes a break from her insane touring schedule to answer ... Read more

Hold On : Skepta : [Universal]
Submitted by: Joe Truby
Joseph Adenuga, better known as Skepta releases his new single 'Hold On'. I've always been a fan of Skepta. I've always felt that he raps more true to the heart that some of the other rappers out there that have ... Read more
Feature / News
Miss Foxy Gets To Grips with Alexis K : Interview with DJ Alexis K
Submitted by: Miss Foxy
Miss Foxy gets the lo-down on DJ Alexis K, as she exclusively interviews the artist on her upcoming album Alexis K vs Unsub out this coming November.

Miss Foxy: How did you first get into music production?

Alexis K: I ... Read more