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An Interview with Shortee : Queens of the Jungle
Submitted by: Shejay
It would be hard not to label the drum & bass world a boys only club. The leading DJs, label owners and all round scenesters are all guys.

But then again it's easy to look at sub-genres and label them stereotypically, ... Read more

Hot Right Now : DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora : [ Ministry of Sound Recordings ]
Submitted by: Josh Swanson
DJ Fresh, the man that relentlessly pounds the airwaves with hit after hit is back with the deliverance of his latest single ‘Hot Right Now’… a title no less of an understatement than ‘Pearl Harbour is quite a long film ... Read more
Feature / News
Voices of Political Music : Women: the delicate chords delivering a political message
Submitted by: Lady red label
Ultimately, music is a message to the masses, and has the potential to have an unprecedented impact in terms of reach and influence. Without wanting to sound like an old bag, which I often feel like when I listen ... Read more