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EDITORIAL : Review : Subwave  

  Subwave : Subwave : Metalheadz
Submitted by Josh Swanson
(January 20, 2012)

Metalheadz' Russian beat guru, Subwave, delivered his self-titled album early this month and from its artwork and from my own previous Subwave experiences, I expected something no less than dark, electric and bursting with soul.

Steering away from typical D&B drum rhythms, Subwave focuses on deep sub tone drops, half patterned drums and vocal samples that mirror the front cover mask, which are more than in contrast to the electric and Trance reverent synth layers that take tribe into space where they collide in sweet harmony. Did I also mention the cheeky house gems to be found in the mix as well?

The album speaks for itself. BBC 1xtra's Drum and Bass hero Bailey has kept the album up in the top 5 since its release and it's now placing #1, which is exactly where it belongs. Dark, electric and bursting with soul from beginning to end. Well done Subwave, well done.

Subwave Music by SUBWAVE

Tags: dubstep, deep house, drum n bass
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