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EDITORIAL : Interview : DJ Miss Divine  

  DJ Miss Divine : The Lady of Defected Records
Submitted by Sachi Mahadeo
(June 01, 2009)

The most influential House label of all time, with millions of records sold globally and some of the biggest names in the genre, Defectedís first and only lady, DJ Miss Divine, agreed to do an interview with Shejay while busily prepping for her annual Summer gig at Defected Ibiza.

When did your interest in House music start?
It started in 2003 when I was asked to play a Subliminal gig in Bristol with Harry Choo Choo Romero, I had heard of the label, but had never heard of Harry before. I had to borrow my mateís vinyl as I didnít have any House. I fell in Love with House music instantly. Before this, I played Hard House and loved Trance. Iím so over both of them now!

What's it like being the only lady DJ of Defected?
Itís really cool, and I feel honored that Simon Dunmore asked me. Itís a huge opportunity for me to exhale as an artist. I wake up everyday a very happy person.

Your thoughts on the status quo of female DJ's...
I think we get it in the neck quite a lot. Itís a manís world and some guys donít take female DJís seriously. The most common thing we are up against is if a female DJ is attractive, then people think they get gigs because of this -this might well be true, but we still have to deliver time and time again to stay on top the game. Over the years, it has gotten a lot better, but there are still some haters out there.

What's it like being a Defected Ibiza resident; how has it contributed to your skills/career?
Itís awesome; I canít wait to get stuck in. This really is a dream come true for me. Iíve been working in Ibiza for four years, this season being my fifth, so itís great that Iím finally getting recognized for something that Iím really passionate about. It makes the last eight years worthwhile.


How have you grown throughout the six years? What have you learned and taken with you? (besides improved technique).
Iíve learnt loads because Iíve had the opportunity to travel the world playing different clubs, so you have to learn quickly how to read different crowds. Every dance floor is different. Iím confident to play in any country and any club now, but itís been a slow process. Itís an experience that forms a good DJ. My style has changed throughout the last six years. I used to be a total train spotter when I was playing vinyl. I worked as a House buyer in record shops for four years, so Iíve learnt a lot about different labels and other genres of House. The most important things Iíve learned are how not to do it, (rather to) stay focused, honest and loyal.

What countries have you played at thus far? Any favorites?
Spain, Colombia, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Germany, India, China, Hong Kong, France, Greece, America, probably more but I canít remember them all. Colombia, Miami, and Ibiza have the best memories.

Your dream venue / gig would be?
Playing at Pacha in Ibiza, my favourite club in the world.

What tune never leaves your box?
KOT - Finally

Any producing in the works?
Yes, I recently got Logic and Ableton. I started making beats when I fly because this really is the only time I get to myself nowadays. When I get back from Ibiza this summer, I will be working hard in the studio -a project I should have started a long time ago.

What motivated and inspired you to do the breast cancer "La Vita" event where you raised £20,000? Has it become a yearly event?
My nana sadly passed away with Breast Cancer, and that was the real motivation behind it all. Then, this year my dear uncle passed away with Testicular Cancer, so that was the inspiration behind this yearís event. La Vita has just celebrated its 3rd Birthday.

In one interview, you were asked, ďWho do you think is the best DJ in the world and why?Ē You replied, ďAsk me again at the end of the Summer because I plan to see EVERYONEĒ ĖSo have you made a decision since then?
(laughs) No, there are so many good DJís out there. The DJís who have really impressed me over the past twelve months are Luciano, Dinky, Anja Schneider, Melon, Quentin Harris, and my favourite, DJ Spen.

It's a spiritual thing", an excerpt from the lyrics of the Eddie Amador classic "House Music " has become your DJing 'taglineí. Explain how it applies specifically to Miss Divine?
I really donít remember how it came about. I must have had an epiphany or something (laughs). It was definitely born when I started playing Soulful House and itís just stuck (since).

Defected in the House Ibiza, Spain preview:

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