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EDITORIAL : Article : Results of the Top 100 DJ Poll!  

  Results of the Top 100 DJ Poll! : You Asked For It, You Got It!!!!
Submitted by Shejay
(March 01, 2006)

Did your mother ever tell you 'be careful what you wish for? Well wasn't she right! The results of the long awaited TOP 100 FEMALE DJs list are here

We KNOW you’ve been gagging for it. Why? Because you haven’t shut up about it!

Everyday, we’ve been getting questions about the results. “Who made the list?” “How many people voted?” “Who won?” “How’d you guys come up with the idea?” “Why’d you bite off DJ Mag?” ...Bet you didn't expect we'd fill 100...

Well we did and it's a fucking fantastic list. The 100 women come from all genres, all parts of the globe and we’re happy to see a comprehensive list that represents a broad spectrum...just as we'd hoped, and perfectly representative of the talent out there that others might not know about. But you can judge for yourselves...

Largely an experiment, Top 100 was market research on who was out there, who is known, who was interested…we were blown away by the support and the sheer numbers that came in. Just over 30,000 votes came in. That’s right, 30,000 in less than two months. Oh yeah, who's the winner?

Your favorite female DJ on the planet? DJ Rap.

And here is full list :

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