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DJ Miss Divine : The Lady of Defected Records
Submitted by: Sachi Mahadeo
The most influential House label of all time, with millions of records sold globally and some of the biggest names in the genre, Defected’s first and only lady, DJ Miss Divine, agreed to do an interview with Shejay while busily ... Read more
No Sympathy EP : Maya Jane Coles
Submitted by: Nicole Otero
No Sympathy EP by Maya Jane Coles

With the incredible year Maya Jane Cole has had winning best new deep house track for “What They Say” as well as Break-Through DJ artist award at the Miami Dance Music Awards, it’s not ... Read more

Feature / News
Ultra Music Festival goes global with the launch of World Tour : *
Submitted by: Shejay
Well Toto, I guess we're not in Miami anymore....The organizers of Miami's largest electronic music festival have announced that they will be dropping their house...uh...sorry dance music event on 5 different countries following the annual Miami event this March.

Having ... Read more