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An Interview with Shortee : Queens of the Jungle
Submitted by: Shejay
It would be hard not to label the drum & bass world a boys only club. The leading DJs, label owners and all round scenesters are all guys.

But then again it's easy to look at sub-genres and label them stereotypically, ... Read more

White Lies (including S2000 Rendition) : Kelly Sylvia : : [S*mplified Recordings]
Submitted by: Sam Chadwick
Deep house dame Kelly Sylvia is still young in the production game but with 3 solid releases to date, it's clear her penchant for delivering quality emotive sounds is not about to stop now.

White Lies is a step ahead of ... Read more

Feature / News
Interview with Emika : Miss Foxy catches up with Emika
Submitted by: Miss Foxy
Would you say you are foremost a bass-heavy composer? How have you found your journey with Ninja Tune so far?

Yes, I am a composer, and yes I love bass! I compose a lot of music for electronic instruments ... Read more