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DJ Miss Divine : The Lady of Defected Records
Submitted by: Sachi Mahadeo
The most influential House label of all time, with millions of records sold globally and some of the biggest names in the genre, Defectedís first and only lady, DJ Miss Divine, agreed to do an interview with Shejay while busily ... Read more
Last Night in NY EP : Supernova
Submitted by: Nicole Otero
The Italian duo are back at it again giving us a New York attitude on this Last Night in NY EP. The first track named after the EP has a minimal deep groove with a male spoken word very Paris ... Read more
Feature / News
10 Innovations that Shook the Music World : *
Submitted by: Ashae
We take a trip back and count down our favourite top 10 innovations in music over the last decade','When I was a 10-year-old child back in 1996, I used to sit in my room with my boom box and make ... Read more