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Bat for Lashes : Interview From Pitchfork
Submitted by: Shejay
Natasha Khan is a performer in the truest sense of the word. On her second album as Bat for Lashes, this year's Two Suns, the UK singer and songwriter hitches her real-life tale of a dying trans-Atlantic relationship to one ... Read more
Future : Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City : [ Defected Records ]
Submitted by: Aneesha Qazi
On first hearing Kevin Saunderson and Inner City's 'Future,' one word springs to mind. Nice. Nothing out of the ordinary or over-bearing just a good well produced house track that evokes the feeling of sun, sea and sand. 4 ... Read more
Feature / News
Kelly Sylvia: Simplified Recordings main lady talks about developing her own sound and the creative empowerment of running her own label : *
Submitted by: The Baraness
It seems that everywhere I look these days I see something that has to do with female DJs or female producers in the electronic music industry. Females in the music industry have always been a point of interest (or lack ... Read more