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DJ Miss Divine : The Lady of Defected Records
Submitted by: Sachi Mahadeo
The most influential House label of all time, with millions of records sold globally and some of the biggest names in the genre, Defected’s first and only lady, DJ Miss Divine, agreed to do an interview with Shejay while busily ... Read more
Subwave : Subwave : Metalheadz
Submitted by: Josh Swanson
Metalheadz’ Russian beat guru, Subwave, delivered his self-titled album early this month and from its artwork and from my own previous Subwave experiences, I expected something no less than dark, electric and bursting with soul.

Steering away from typical D&B drum ... Read more

Feature / News
Kelly Sylvia: Simplified Recordings main lady talks about developing her own sound and the creative empowerment of running her own label : *
Submitted by: The Baraness
It seems that everywhere I look these days I see something that has to do with female DJs or female producers in the electronic music industry. Females in the music industry have always been a point of interest (or lack ... Read more